Where to Get Coloring Pages – 20 Amazing Options for Kids

May 1, 2022

Great Question! We are happy you asked because this is the right place! Like you, we’ve asked the same question: “Where to get Coloring Pages?” many times.

Why have we asked this question? Because our children like to color and because sometimes, our kids like to color something that was printed because they “feel special.” Quote, unquote. Never mind the many coloring books that have not been touched in ages. They want coloring pages from the printer. There were times they were relentless, and we caved. Maybe not the best parenting move, but it turned into a good thing because it was one of the biggest inspirations for us to create Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab!

However, back to the question at hand, “Where to get Coloring Pages?”

Right here! We have a slew of printable coloring pages for you and will regularly be adding more… and more… and more. It will take time, but that’s okay because we want to be your go-to place to get coloring pages that will “feel special” when you print them for your kids or students.

What Coloring Pages do we have?

Another great question! We have a wide range of fun, loveable, fierce, and feisty coloring pages for you to choose from. What are you looking for?

Our Unicorn Coloring Pages are magical. Our Puppy Coloring Pages – adorable. Our Monster Truck Coloring Pages are revved and ready to go. However, those are not all we have… you can get coloring pages of all sorts with us now.


20 Categories of Printable Coloring Pages Found Here

Where to Find Coloring Pages

We’re just getting started, so be sure to bookmark us and come back for the special free printable coloring sheets whenever your kids ask for something to color. How can you say no?

The Way Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab Designs Coloring Pages

 We scoured the internet for quality coloring pages too many times to count before we started making our own. We learned that many of them are not well-suited to print at home. For example, the sheets didn’t print well to a letter-size sheet, or they were low resolution. It catapulted us to design ours as user-friendly to access, with a quality resolution, and honestly, with some consideration to how much ink needs to be used. Most importantly, we design them to be eye-catching and lovable for your children. We like to think they get bright-eyed and excited when you scroll through our coloring pages in search of the perfect one. 

Benefits of Coloring Pages

They are more than just coloring pages. They are a development tool we as parents can use to help our children. Coloring has many positive benefits for our children. Many we have observed in our own home. During times the kids have coloring time in their schedule, we have seen leaps in calmness and improved behavior. We were curious about the additional benefits of coloring, so we researched. What we most commonly found was that it offered the following benefits: 

Fine motor skill improvements

Fine motor skills use small muscles in your hand and wrists to make precise movements. Not only do drawing and coloring use these skills, but so do turning the page of a book, cutting with scissors, and playing an instrument. Improving on this skill seems helpful to us!

Increased ability to focus

Coloring opens up your frontal lobe, the part of the brain which controls organizing and problem-solving. It brings us into the moment and decreases the outside noise. It seems like a safe bet to say your children will solve new problems as they grow up. 

Boosts creativity

Colors have an impact on our minds. Take the color green, for example. In the study titled Fertile Green: Green Facilitates Creativity, researchers found that a glimpse of green before a creative activity resulted in increased creativity!

We like the sounds of all of these! 

You asked Where to Get Coloring Pages?

Once again, we’d like to say you can get coloring pages here at Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab. What you see today is not the end of our collections. There will be more coming. We are committed to increasing the available coloring pages with alternative styles, levels, and types. So when the question “Where to get coloring pages?” is asked, we proudly say “Right here!”

Our hope is that your children fall in love with these illustrations and enjoy coloring our art. We hope they benefit from the time spent during art activity-time and build a lifetime love for the arts. 

We would love to see some of the art your kids have done with the coloring pages you get from Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab. If you’re up for it and want to send some our way we’d love to share their art on the website and across our social media. They will feel like rockstars! 

Child coloring - fine motor skills
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