Titanic Coloring Pages – 5 Amazing Printable Titanic Coloring Sheets

On April 14, 1912, on her maiden voyage at 11:40 PM the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg that lead to the sinking of the ship. It’s a famous story and event that has inspired stories, books, and movies through the years. With us, it has inspired these Titanic Coloring Pages.

These RMS Titanic Coloring Pages are illustrated to provide a fun and educational experience for you and your children to learn about the famous ship and its tragic story.

Like all of our free printable coloring sheets, we encourage creativity, but we also encourage them to be used as a tool!

Ways to Use our Printable Titanic Coloring Pages


Our free printable titanic coloring pages can be used in a variety of ways. The top four ways that we have used them:

  1. History Lessons – we pair these coloring sheets with interesting facts, stories, and videos.
  2. Art Time – there’s always time for art! We use these coloring pages of the titanic to help entertain our children. We encourage you to do the same for your children and students. 
  3. Empower our Children – We ask questions about their design, their process, and what they learned. We love seeing their development and interests grow!
  4. Challenge their skills – sometimes to try and stretch their skills we will show them other artists’ renditions of the subject. In this case, images like these we’ve used to challenge our artists to do their best to match the style and colors.



Titanic and Iceberg Artwork Coloring Example
Titanic Artwork Coloring Example

Amazing RMS Titanic Facts

  • In its time, the RMS Titanic was the largest moveable man-made object 
  • The cost of building the ship is equivalent to 100 Hundred Million Dollars in today’s terms
  • It required approximately 3000 people to build the Titanic. We assure you our coloring pages did not require this many people! 
  • The titanic measured 882 Feet Long and weighed approximately 46,000 tons 

Since the RMS Titanic was built and sailed over 100 years ago, it might be difficult for your children to imagine what it was actually like. Here’s actual footage from the Titanic Departure to help showcase the ship.

Of course, there is much interest as well in the sinking of the doomed ship. This excellent video created by National Geographic does an excellent job explaining the unfortunate event. 

Titanic Coloring Pages 

Our titanic coloring pages are illustrated with great care and consideration. At Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab we want the free materials to provide you with a challenge, but also enjoyment. We’re always interested in the final creations that you and your learners come up with so if you find us on social media please tag and share with us so we can praise for your great efforts!

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