Star Coloring Pages

If you’re a parent or a teacher looking for a captivating and educational activity to engage young minds, you’ve come to the right place. Our collection of star coloring pages is designed to ignite creativity, stimulate imagination, and provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages. With a simple click, you can download and print these delightful coloring sheets, making them easily accessible for your little ones.

One of our favorite traditions as a family is to lay under the stars and gaze upon their beauty. As parents, we have been able to build many great connections with our children during these moments. As the kids get comfortable and relaxed into the evening, it spurs conversation, dreams, and many laughs. Like the stars, we expect this tradition to last a long, long time! It is this tradition that has inspired our collection of Star Coloring Pages!

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Why Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab’s Free Star Coloring Pages Are the Perfect Choice

Stars hold a timeless fascination for children, and coloring them allows kids to explore the wonders of the universe while having fun. These coloring pages are entertaining and offer numerous benefits for young learners. Coloring exercises their fine motor skills, helps improve hand-eye coordination, and encourages focus and concentration—all while letting their artistic talents shine.

Our collection of over 20 star coloring sheets is designed for artists of all ages and skill levels. We feature a variety of design styles and levels of complexity. For example, we encourage the Stars and Moon Coloring Page for preschoolers. With its large characters and design, they can practice coloring large areas improving their focus and skills. Still, there’s no limitation if they want to try mixing colors and design on the page!

How to Print Little Sprout’s Coloring Pages:  

Printing our free coloring pages is super simple!

  1. Click the coloring page that interests you
  2. On the next page, click the orange “Print” button. A PDF printable file will pop-up
  3. All printables are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 Letter Sized Paper 
  4. Celebrate in excitement, get pumped, and start coloring! 

Interesting Facts about Stars and Their Colors

Did you know stars have different colors? Yes, the obvious star color is yellow because it is what we see in the sun. Still, we have learned that Wien’s law relates stellar color to stellar temperature.

Wien’s law tells us that when stars get really hot, they look bluish. When they are not as hot, they look more reddish. It’s like when we heat up something, it starts turning from red to orange to yellow and then finally to blue if it gets really hot. So, the color of a star can help us know how hot it is!

Why do we like this fact? Well, first, it’s simply fun to know for random facts to share, but also, we consider it a valuable piece of information to share with young artists to teach and invoke creativity. Here’s a handy dandy chart outlining Star colors and their approximate temperature

Star Color Temperature Chart

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