Shark Coloring Pages – 10 Awesome Coloring Pages

Dun-Dun… Dun-Dun… Dun-Dun – Shark Coloring Pages! Dive in and use our free, printable shark pictures to play, create, and get messy! These simple designs are jaw-some for kids. They will love to color these pictures of fearsome but friendly sharks. The best part is that we have 10 free shark pictures to color that can be used to keep them going and going during art time.

In these coloring pages, we have intentionally used white space to evoke creativity and give you or your artists the ability to come up with your own oceanic details. Traditional ocean colors are often shades of blue and green, but we encourage using other colors, such as purple, teal, or warm colors, to represent a sunset. If you want to create waves and texture in these illustrations, consider using curving or zigzag lines to create the outlines of the waves, then color them with lighter shades of the base color. Adding white and blue can depict foam or splashes. Little details like this can challenge, grow, and add diversity to the coloring pages! As parents and teachers to our children, we used these ideas to help develop their skills and creativity!

Like most parents, our home was bombarded with Baby Shark blasting on the speakers for too many hours, but we put up with it because our children loved it. It made them smile, sing, and play. With one of our children having a passion for marine biology, it was a no-brainer for us to put our skills to the test and create some fun and loveable coloring pages.


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10 Totally Awesome Fun Shark Facts to Help Make the Most Out of Your Coloring Activity

Art time is a wonderful adventure with your little learners and artists. Engaging them into a full experience of creativity, art, and learning can add so much to the excitement of creating a unique picture that they have poured their love into to create. Having some cool and interesting facts about sharks helped evoke creativity in our kids and their friends when we did this fun art activity. Below you’ll find 10 of our favorite facts voted on by the artists during this event!

  1. Sharks have five different types of fins: pectoral, pelvic, dorsal, anal, and caudal. Florida Museum
  2. Some sharks, such as the great white shark, the whale shark, and the mako shark, rely on obligate ram ventilation to breathe. This breathing method requires sharks to swim with their mouths open so water is pushed through their gill, providing oxygen. If they stop moving, they die! Brittanica  
  3. Sharks have outlived dinosaurs! World Wildlife Foundation
  4. The fastest sharks can swim up to 60 Miles per hour! The speed at which a shark can swim depends on its size, shape, and the type of water it is swimming in. American Oceans
  5. Sharks have a sixth sense called electroreception. Electroreception gives sharks the ability to sense the electrical fields of other animals in the water. PBS Online
  6. Sharks do not have bones! Shakes are made of cartilaginous tissues, the same stuff your ears and nose tip are made of! NOAA Fisheries
  7. Shark skin is rough and feels like sandpaper. Their skin is made of tiny structures called placoid scales, which are teeth-like. NOAA Fisheries
  8. There are over 500 species of shark. Sadly, 143 of these species are under threat and considered vulnerable to critically endangered. World Wildlife Federation
  9. Sharks are powerful! A shark bite generates 40,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Surfer Today
  10. Sharks get up to 30,000 teeth in a lifetime! They never stop growing teeth. Zoological Society of London

Advice for your Young Artist Coloring Shark Coloring Pages

In the time we’ve spent coaching and teaching our children to grow their art skills, we’ve come to realize there is a foundation that we continue to teach and encourage – think outside the box and don’t be shy! 

With our shark coloring pages, we found ways to take advantage of the teaching moments to think outside the box. Sure, sharks are typically greyish and don’t evoke a considerable sense of color in our minds, but “What if they did?” we challenged the children. With confused looks on their faces, we told them to be creative with their work. Yes, it’s great to draw realistic pictures and try to match what they see in real life, but we also encouraged them to have fun with it and come up with creative reasons why their sharks might be different colors. We talked about coral reefs, lighting, sparkles, and many ideas they could consider to brighten up their art. 

Soon we saw their faces rise and their determination kick in while coloring our illustrations. They researched in their favorite facts books and learned more about sharks, the ocean, and the other creatures they may encounter. We received elaborate stories on the ocean worlds and ecosystems their sharks lived in. Their pages were bright, colorful, and full of dedicated effort to coloring the best sharks they could! 

Shark Coloring Pages and More! 

Furthermore, you have no-fin to lose printing our shark coloring pages. Why? Because they are hours of fun, all free and ready for you to print. If your kids enjoy these, we’re sure they will love our Tiger Coloring Pages as well. Have Fun!