Rainbow Coloring Pages – 10 Free Beautiful Illustrations

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – oh the magnificent colors of the rainbow deserve to be splashed on these free printable Rainbow Coloring Pages. When it comes to rainbows, they never cease to cause us to stop for a moment and stare in appreciation of what we are witnessing. They are truly beautiful, and therefore deserve to be a part of art!

Rainbow Coloring Pages

When your children color these free rainbow coloring pages, how do you think they will design them? Will they use the traditional colors or is your artist going to change it up and do something different? In any case, we hope that your artist’s creative hearts are fulfilled in the time they are using our coloring sheets and have lots of fun with them! If you like these rainbow coloring sheets we encourage you to check out our Heart Coloring Pages as well!

Rainbow Facts and Rainbow Coloring Pages!

First, what is a rainbow? According to Brittanica Kids, a rainbow is a multicolored arc or curved line in the sky. In most cases, rainbows form when raindrops (water droplets) are struck by the sun’s rays falling from distant rain clouds. Okay, we admit that’s about the extent of our knowledge when we first started looking into this, but this learning adventure has taught us a few more interesting facts. 

Did you know that rainbows appear in the sky opposite to the sun? Did you know that it’s usually in the early morning or late afternoon? We admit it. We did not, but according to the wise minds at Brittanica Kids this is the case. 

When light waves pass through raindrops the light waves bend causing them to separate and appear as the many colors of the rainbow! The classic way we remember the colors is through the acronym ROYGBIV – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. 

Also, a rainbow type called a primary bow is the brightest and most common rainbow! There are times when you will see a second rainbow when the light bends twice inside the water drops. This is called a secondary rainbow and forms as a lighter rainbow outside of the primary bow. 

Prime Your Kids for Rainbow Coloring Page Art Time 

If the facts above have been useful, that’s great! However, learning and knowledge comes in different ways so we gathered a couple of videos that can be used to help inspire and educate our minds on rainbows.

For the younger learners we found this adorable video that explores the different colors of the rainbow in a catchy, playful song.

For the more mature students who are interested in the science of rainbows in more detail than noted above give this a watch

Rainbow Coloring Page Inspiration 

With our rainbow coloring sheets, we took a creative approach as you will see which are designed for kids of all ages. We’d say that the most traditional illustration is the Arching Rainbow Coloring Page. We love this one, but like creativity in art as well so set out to create some diverse illustrations for artists to use their imagination. 

The star themed rainbow coloring pages are definitely outside tradition! 

However, one of our favorite rainbow coloring sheets has to be the Wild Ride Rainbow Coloring Page. There’s a part of us that is reminded by the classic Mario Kart level of Rainbow Road witht this design!