Puppy Coloring Pages

Nearly every day the question “Can we get a puppy?!” is asked. It’s not always the kids asking… Ahem. Mom. As much as we love dogs in our home, the answer is no, not right now, BUT you can color one of our Puppy Coloring Pages! The beloved pet deserves its place in our hearts, as well as in our illustrations. They have a way of getting themselves into a hijinx that creates laughter, chaos, and memories. Not much different than the kids. Therefore, we are inspired to give you adorable designs that will surely bring a smile to your children’s faces.

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Free Printable Puppy Coloring Pages – Inspired by Our Little Sprouts

Our family loves dogs. As far as we’re concerned every dog we meet is a puppy to us and should be showered with love and hugs. When we drive, walk, or sit, the moment a dog is in view, the immediate response is “look a puppy!” These beloved creatures are a source of joy and warmth to us. One day we’ll adopt one of these little beasts and love it unconditionally. Even when it pees on the carpet, chews the drywall, and wakes us in the middle of the night, we will love it. 

For now, we use our love of puppies, big and small, as a spark to our creative hearts with these free printable coloring pages.   

How to Print Little Sprout’s Coloring Pages:  

Printing our free coloring pages is super simple!

  1. Click the coloring page that interests you
  2. On the next page, click the orange “Print” button. A PDF printable file will pop-up
  3. All printables are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 Letter Sized Paper 
  4. Celebrate in excitement, get pumped, and start coloring! 

Once you’ve finished printing it might be time to think about some art tools to use to color these adorable puppy coloring sheets. Recently, we purchased these Crayola Mini Twistable Crayons. The kids love all the many colors that come with this pack. It certainly has resulted in some creative colored dogs! 

Puppy Coloring Pages & Loveable Puppy Facts Go Hand in Hand!

Puppies are born deaf, blind, and with no teeth! This is an amazing puppy fact to share in our opinion. It seems that puppies are helpless when they are born. 

Their eyes and ears are closed when first born. Their eyes open between 10 – 14 days old, and their eyesight fully develops when a puppy is close to 7 weeks of age. 

Puppies can be twins! The first recorded instance of identical puppies was confirmed in 2016, in South Africa. Likely, there have been other cases, but this was the first confirmed! 

Similar to humans, puppy coats will change in color as they grow older. In some puppies though, a transformation in their coat takes place also in their early days. For example, take dalmatians, their famous spots develop at around 2 – 3 weeks old. 

Puppies show their love in a variety of ways. 

Tail wagging is the first that comes to mind for us. This body language is inviting and adorable. It communicates an invitation to come over and provide attention. 

Puppy kisses! The heartwarming, slobbery kiss of a pup is a sign from the puppy that you and the puppy are on good terms! It can also be a submission method when a puppy is feeling apologetic. 

The oh-so-cute puppy rollover. When a puppy rolls over on its back to go belly up it’s a declaration of trust and affection. It’s a highly vulnerable position for a puppy that demonstrates their love, and desire to be friends. 

Dozy puppies sleeping on your lap is a clear communication they trust you enough to rest and be vulnerable. 

The puppy handshake, aka – sniffing private areas, is a greeting method often used by puppies. Not always the most comfortable for the recipient, but meant to be a friendly gesture from the puppy!

Puppies are amazing, heartwarming creatures! 

Puppies can bring calmness to your life

There are days when we all need to take a deep breath to relax. Puppies are often used to help relieve stress in certain environments. Once in a while to help bring some peace and calmness to the household we watch this friendly video of cute pups, doing cute things!

Not Just Puppy Coloring Pages For You!

Whether it’s a puppy playing fetch or a puppy walking on the couch, our free, printable puppy illustrations bring the cuteness. We admit it’s no substitute for a real dog, but we are confident your artists will love these in their own way. 

However, we know that not everyone loves puppies, so if you’re a cat person, check out our Cat Coloring Pages!

Perhaps you are more of winged creature person, such as butterflies and birds. Well, we have many butterfly coloring pages and several bird coloring pages as well! Please go ahead and check these fun printable coloring sheets out. Much like our puppy coloring pages, they are free to use at home or school for learning and art activities. 



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