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Aug 16, 2022

Our Unicorn Coloring Pages are one of the main reasons we exist today. We have some sprouting artists in our home who, without hesitation, will declare their love of unicorns, the colors pink, blue, and purple (each of our daughters is passionate about her favorite color!), and art time. 

When the words “Can you print a coloring page for me?” are asked about 50 thousand times in rapid succession, we think it’s fair to say even the most resilient parent will break! And break we did. However, finding the perfect Unicorn Coloring Page was never easy. “No…No…No…No…No” as we scrolled through options eventually led us to illustrate our own. Now, it’s “Yes, yes, yes” from the kids. With approval from our kids and friends’ children for our Unicorn Coloring Pages, we’re confident your kids or students will give you a big thumbs up to Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab’s coloring pages. It’s more about making sure we have enough paper now! 

Our Unicorn Coloring Sheets follow the more modern description of unicorns: horse-like, with beautiful fur, and a single horn. 

Maybe, that’s a weird thing to mention, but we say it with a purpose. As you read further, you’ll find an interesting fact that suggests that unicorns may not have always had the flattering, majestic form that pops into our minds at present.

Reasons Your Children Will Love Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab’s Unicorn Coloring Pages


  1. They are adorable! We have designed our Unicorn Coloring Sheets to bring joy and a positive experience to your artists! 
  2. So many options! From unicorns prancing in the meadow to unicorns framed in a loving heart – the coloring pages are adorable.
  3. Appropriate for any age. Whether you are printing for a young child or an adult, our coloring sheets offer diversity in ease and complexity. As a challenge for more mature artists, we encourage pulling out watercolor paints! It’s fun for everyone! 
Excited Child

Unicorn Facts: Flexing your Unicorn Knowledge

As parents, isn’t it fun to throw out random facts to our kids to flex our random knowledge?

Let us help you have a moment of fun with your kids with unicorn facts you can share with them so they can be impressed by your deep knowledge of unicorns.

The Unicorn is the national animal of...

The official national animal of Scotland is the unicorn. No joke, how amazing is that? We’re sorry if that makes your kid want to travel to Scotland to search for Unicorns. Good luck with that! 

These sea dwelling creatures were often mistaken for unicorns...

Narwals were often mistaken for unicorns. These Arctic dwelling porpoises are, to this day, fondly referred to as “unicorns of the sea.” The Whaling Museum and Education Center in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, has more details on this topic. 

Baby Unicorns are called..

like baby horses unicorns are called foals. 

Winged Unicorns are called...

a Pegacorn – not to be confused with their hornless counterpart, the pegasus! We actually have a coloring page for the mythical Pegacorn too! Sometimes they are referred to as Alicorns as well. This fact confuses us because, well, have a look at fact five.

A unicorn horn is made of...

alicorn and is thought to have magical and healing properties. 

What does the word Unicorn mean?

The word “unicorn” means one-horn! In Latin, Uni means one, and Cornu means horn, therefore one-horn

A beautiful creature? Depends on who you ask..

Modern fairy tales describe the mythical unicorn as horse-like with white hair, but did you know centuries ago they were described as short, with a colored horn, and with the body of a goat! See!? Unicorns have not always had the beautiful description most of us know!

What Unicorns Represent...

Unicorns represent purity, freedom, and power. Sound like good role models to us! 

When it comes to the fantastical creature that is the magical unicorn, they never seem to go out of style! They have been part of folklore for centuries and across different cultures. There seems to be a perpetual, universal love and interest in unicorns that transcends time and place.

Heck, even some of our favorite stories and books have unicorns in them. A couple that come to mind quickly are Bruce Coville’s “Into the Land of the Unicorns” and C.S. Lewis’s “The Last Battle.”

Unicorn Coloring Pages – Our Plans!

What you see is not the last of our unicorn coloring sheets. We have more on the way and will be uploading them shortly. If you follow us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, you will get updates when new ones are released! If you’re not following us on our social profiles, we have to ask why not?! 

If you’re up for it, we would love to see the art your children do with Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab’s Unicorn Coloring Pages. You can share them with us through our social media (which obviously you’re folllowing now) or email them to us at info@littlesproutlearning.com. We’d love to celebrate their work and share them with others if you’re up for it! 

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