Mermaid Coloring Pages – 10 Beautiful Printable Illustrations

Look for free Mermaid Coloring Pages? You’ve come to the right place. Our Mermaid Coloring Pages are no myth! A lot of attention and effort has been put into illustrating these mermaid coloring pages in order to give you the very best will find. These beautiful maidens of the sea are waiting to be colored by you and your kiddos. It’s common to choose colors such as purple or aquamarine when it comes to mermaids, but if that is not the style you want, we will not stand in your way because we fully encourage creativity! Not only do we have these beautiful mermaid coloring pages for you, but we have lots of fun facts on Mermaids to help you with your art and learning time. Please, enjoy these free mermaid coloring page printables brought to you by Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab.

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Printable Mermaid Coloring Pages – Our Inspiration

Free printable mermaid coloring pages are an excellent way to help your children develop imagination, creativity, and a love of art. Furthermore, we enjoy fueling our childrens’ imaginations by providing fun facts on all sorts of topics they are interested in.

Mermaids happen to be one of these fun subjects. Over the years we have read many stories, watched many shows, and worn mermaid-theme clothes, so there has been no shortage of mermaid theme imagination at home.

Of course, their interests inspired us to create mermaid coloring sheets that we want to share with you!

With this interest came the research to pair with our mermaid coloring pages, so let’s get to it!

Facts That Pair Well With Our Mermaid Coloring Pages

The most know mermaid fact is that they are aquatic creatures with a female upper body and the tail of a fish, so let’s not dwell on that and jump into some of the lesser-known facts so you can wow your learners with the good stuff; shall we. 

Depending on the folklore, Mermaids are associated with incredible and unfortunate events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks, and drownings. However, in other tales of mermaids, they can be caring, benevolent creatures or even fall in love with humans. Commonly they are depicted with combs and mirrors – an indication of vanity!

Our mermaid coloring pages err on the side of kindness, but perhaps one day, we will add some less friendly depictions!

Hundreds of years ago, tricksters found creative ways to convince the public that Mermaids were real. You may have heard of P.T Barnum, well known for being a founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Well, he created the Feejee Mermaid Hoax. Exhibited in New York, Boston, and London, during the 1840s, P.T Barnum convinced the public that mermaids existed with what was likely the upper body of an orangutan sewn with a salmon tail. 

Interesting, but definitely not the type of image we will ever model our mermaid coloring pages after! 

In European Folklore, Mermaids sometimes go by a different name – Sirens. European mythology of mermaids describes them as sharing similarities to fairies with magical and prophetic powers. They were lovers of music and sang. They were mortal but had very long lives. 

The male counterpart to mermaids is mermen. Mermen are usually depicted as hideous creatures. 

One scientific explanation that might explain merfolk legends could be related to large sea-creatures. Manatees and dugongs are human sized ocean animals that might be the basis for mermaid and mermen folklore. These incredible sea animals have flat tails that resemble a mermaid and two stubby arms, which, from a distance, could be mistaken for human. 

It’s possible that factors such as ocean waves, low sunlight, partial submersion could influence the sailor’s image of the sea creature! 

Songs to Listen to When Coloring Our Mermaid Illustrations

Some days (energy-permitting!) we like to improve the experience of art time by playing themed music. We find that when there is some music playing when the kiddos are decorating their mermaid coloring pages, they are more engaged, creative, and energetic in the activity. Plus, while the kids are deep into the activity it gives us a few more minutes of breathing time while the kids enjoy the activity!! 

Here are a couple of mermaid songs we love to us: 


Mermaid Coloring Pages and More:

Our traditional depiction of mermaids with the upper body of a woman and lower half of a fish are sure to make a splash with you fintastic artists out there. We encourage you to use these free, printable mermaid coloring pages to build skills, experiment, and most of all have fun. 

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