Grade 2 Addition Worksheets

Free to print Grade 2 Addition Worksheets brought to you by Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab. The math skills of your little learners is growing and we want to help them on their journey of grade 2 addition. In these free to print grade 2 addition worksheets, your students will be adding single, two, and three digit numbers in no time. Here you will find a collection of grade 2 addition worksheets that they can practice their mental math and column-form math to develop their budding minds. These aspiring mathematicians will love the encouraging creatures and messages as they continue to be recognized for the best effort they are putting into their addition practice. 

Whether you’re challenging your first grader, boosting your second grader, or practicing fundamentals with an older student, we hope our grade 2 addition worksheets build a lifelong love of learning within each and everyone of them. Our goal in these addition math sheets is to build confidence, build joy, and build skills for all students. Math can be tough, but practice makes progress. We’re confident with these grade 2 addition worksheets progress will be made!