Grade 1 Subtraction Worksheets

A collection of Grade 1 Subtraction worksheets brought to you by Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab are fun, free to print at home or for your school. An ever-growing collection of free math resources, these sheets focus on grade 1 level. Of course, they are not limited to just first grade students, they are yours to print and use as you would like. We offer a variety of math worksheets that are appropriate for budding young learners.

Subtraction is not always an easy concept for student’s to grasp, but when they do it’s amazing to watch. We know that as our kids have grown in their skills it has boosted their confidence in answering questions in class and help them become more independent in their problem solving. It’s the little things that make a difference! If you need some more math worksheets for first grade, be sure to check out our grade 1 addition worksheets as well.