Grade 1 Counting Practice Worksheets

Our grade 1 counting worksheets are designed to help your children and students learn how to count. We have created a collection of worksheets that work on forward counting, backwards counting, skip counting. You’ll find complete number charts as well. Importantly, we have designed these math worksheets to be interactive with your students. With positive messages or messages to challenge themselves further, we take math workthseets to a higher level.

Grade 1 Counting Worksheets

In our home, we like to challenge our kids at random times with skill testing questions. However, for us to do that, we want them to have the fundamentals in place. We searched for math worksheets online, but couldn’t find any that held the attention of our kids for long enough. Hence, the reason we started to get more creative with it. You’ll find in these grade 1 counting worksheets the foundation of designs – educational, fun, and encouraging content.