Grade 1 Base Block Worksheets

A collection of Grade 1 Base Block Worksheets brought to you by Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab. These fun and educational printables are perfect for little learners as they develop their math skills. Base blocks can be used by students to help them with a variety of math concepts including addition, subtraction, place values, and counting. Having your little learners use this in their math journey is surely going to help them grow in confidence and skills.  

From our experience when your child begins to pick up on the benefits of using symbols and math manipulatives to help aid them in their learning it’s a wonderful experience for children, teachers, and parents. When it clicks, you can see a noticeable difference in their confidence and growing math skills. Our collection of base block worksheets are designed to give students a positive experience through challenging, but rewarding practice. Of course, there’s a positive message to help motivate them and excite them on their learning journey.