Horse Coloring Pages – 10 Stunning Horse Drawings

Horses are beautiful and majestic creatures that are awe-inspiring. Therefore, we are confident you artists will make awe-inspiring work from our horse coloring pages. These beautiful free, printable horse coloring sheets are a series of unique illustrations of horses with different behaviors. Some are calm, some are swift, and of course, some are wild stallions. Which one speaks to you?

Our horse coloring pages are designed for artists of all ages and skill levels. The point of our horse coloring sheets are simply to play, learn, and have fun. It is not meant to be stressful; they are intended to bring entertainment, joy, and peace to the time you put into making art. So whether preschooler or adult, novice or professional artist, please have fun and enjoy the horse coloring pages brought to you by Little Sprout Art & Learning Lab. 

 Like our other coloring pages, these horse illustrations are inspired by our children. They love horses and, like puppies, are one of the many creatures our children ask us to adopt regularly. Sadly, we do not see this happening in their future, but they are trying hard to convince us that we should adopt a horse. 

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How to Print Little Sprout Art & Learning Lab’s Horse Coloring Pages 


Printing our free coloring pages is super simple!

  1. Click the coloring page that interests you
  2. On the next page, click the orange “Print” button. A PDF printable file will pop-up
  3. All printables are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 Letter Sized Paper 
  4. Celebrate in excitement, get pumped, and start coloring! 

    Horse Colors and Patterns to inspire your Horse Coloring Designs 

    Not only are horse coloring pages a fun and relaxing way to spend some time, but they can also help to develop your artistic skills. By choosing different colors and experimenting with shading and blending techniques, you can create your own unique and beautiful works of art. Who knows, maybe you’ll even discover a talent for drawing and coloring that you didn’t know you had!

    Horses come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and there are many different names for these colors depending on the breed, region, and culture. However, here are some of the most common colors for horses:

    1. Bay: Bay horses have reddish-brown or brown coats with black points on their legs, mane, and tail.
    2. Chestnut: Chestnut horses have reddish-brown coats with no black points. Some chestnut horses have a flaxen or blonde mane and tail.
    3. Black: Black horses have solid black coats with no white markings.
    4. Gray: Gray horses have a mix of black and white hairs that give them a gray appearance. Gray horses are born dark and gradually become lighter over time, often becoming completely white in their later years.
    5. Palomino: Palomino horses have a golden or yellow coat with a white or flaxen mane and tail.
    6. Buckskin: Buckskin horses have a tan or yellowish coat with black points on their legs, mane, and tail.
    7. Dun: Dun horses have a yellowish-brown or tan coat with a dark stripe down their back and dark markings on their legs and face.
    8. Roan: Roan horses have a mixture of white and colored hairs that give them a speckled or mottled appearance.
    9. Appaloosa: Appaloosa horses have a distinctive spotted or speckled coat pattern, often with a white background and colored spots.
    10. Paint: Paint horses have a spotted or patchy coat pattern, with large areas of white and colored spots or patches.
Horse Patterns Inspiration

Getting Your Kids Excited for Horse Coloring Pages

To get our kids excited about different art activities, we often make it a more immersive experience with other stages and associated activities. Music is a big one and plays a significant role in getting our children prepped and excited about the art adventure they are about to embark on. We don’t know about yours, but our kids go bananas for Blippi. We’ve used this fun video to help build up their creative energy.

Full of song, magic, and facts, our kids were really inspired after watching this video.

Horse Coloring Pages and More are Available at Little Sprout Art & Learning Lab

Really, what about these beautiful beasts intrigues us so much? Black Stallion, Shadowfax, Fru Fru, and more horses, both fictional and real, bring out the child in all of us. Moreover, whenever our little ones see a horse, they shout in excitement and beg for one of their own. However, for now, our horse coloring pages will be the best we can offer… and perhaps a horse stuffy! In addition, If you’re looking for other animal coloring pages, check out our Bird Coloring Pages.