Gingerbread Girl Coloring Pages

Gingerbread cookies are a holiday staple. Whether it’s gingerbread cookies, gingerbread houses, or spiced loaves, gingerbread has weaved itself into the fabric of holiday time. This is exactly why we wanted to celebrate the holidays with adorable gingerbread girl coloring pages! These sweet illustrations are a delectable treat for artists during the holiday season.

Our Collection of Gingerbread Girl Coloring Pages:

In our collection of Gingerbread Girl Coloring Pages we have kept it pretty simple with hints of intricate designs. We figured that in most cases gingerbread cookie designs the overall design is pretty simple so wanted our designs to stay true to a more classic gingerbread girl design. Well in most cases for our gingerbread girl coloring sheets this is true. Maybe you’re capable of intricately designing a gingerbread girl cookie with a hat and scarf (see our wintertime gingerbread girl coloring page), but we can say with certainty that level is above our skillset! Don’t let us hold you back!! 

Using our Gingerbread Girl Coloring Pages for a Family Activity

When we bake in our household, it’s an ordeal. There is flour everywhere, nearly every utensil is used, and sneaky kids “somehow” end up with dough in their mouths, but swear “[they] don’t know how it got there.” 

It is a fun event, even if we don’t do it as often as we would like. In the wintertime, for holiday events we will often pick a baking activity that includes decorating after it’s baked. This year we are going to try something new and inspired by these gingerbread girl coloring pages and we wanted to share the idea with you. We’ll be printing out the coloring sheets. Decorating them and creating our vision, then trying our best to decorate baked gingerbread girl cookies to match our designs! 

Feel free to take this idea and run with it! 

Here’s a couple of classic recipes for you to consider:

Brooklyn farm girl

Food and wine

The History of Gingerbread – Facts to Go With Our Gingerbread Girl Coloring Pages

For those of you who want to include a history lesson with our gingerbread coloring pages activity, we’ve gathered a few fun facts for you to share with your eager students. 

  1. In Medieval England, the term gingerbread meant – Preserve Ginger
  2. The term Gingerbread was not applied to desserts until the 15th Century
  3. Ginger, one of the key ingredients, was first cultivated in Ancient China
  4. Ginger was commonly used for medical treatment
  5. Today, we still use it to aid in our health. It is used as a remedy for nausea and stomach ailments
  6. Gingerbread came to the Americas with settlers from Europe
  7. Because Molasses was less expensive, it became a substitute for sugar and produced a softer cake