Printable Bird Coloring Pages – 10 Amazing Illustrations

These free printable bird colouring pages are im-peck-ably designed to give flight to the creative minds of your little artists. These coloring pages are designed so that young artists can use the white space to their desire, but also with enough detail for the more mature artist to have structure and a challenge. Who knows, maybe taking the time to color these bird illustrations will help invoke a sense of love for nature and the environment.

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Free Printable Bird Coloring Pages – Our Inspiration! 

Not far from our home is a bird sanctuary. In this sanctuary, birds of all shapes, sizes, colors, and friendliness roam. The birds are surprisingly friendly because they have become accustomed to human interaction. It serves plenty of fun as the birds will eat out of your hands and follow you on the trails. 

At least once a year, the family walks in the bird sanctuary to spend quality time together. It is an easy walk that has given us an appreciation for these beautiful winged creatures and built many lasting memories. 

Thankfully, going to the bird sanctuary is not the only place we can experience the presence of beautiful birds! Our family is blessed to live in a neighborhood that provides access to many parks and forests we frequently visit.

In the summer, it can get quite hot!

The tree canopies in the forest give us a reprieve during hot days, so it’s lovely to do family walks in these parks and forests. We love the many colors of birds in our neighborhood and often comment on the beautiful colors we see.

Perhaps your artists can draw inspiration from the birds they see in your neighborhood as well. 

Several bird coloring pages on Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab are inspired by the birds we have encountered on our walks. 

How to Print Little Sprout’s Bird Coloring Pages: 

Printing our free coloring pages is super simple!

  1. Click the coloring page that interests you
  2. On the next page, click the orange “Print” button. A PDF printable file will pop-up
  3. All printables are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 Letter Sized Paper 
  4. Celebrate in excitement, get pumped, and start coloring! 

Amazing Facts About Birds To Go With our Printable Bird Coloring Pages

Birds have been around for millions of years. 

There are over 18,000 species of birds in the world. Two-thirds of all bird species are found in tropical rainforests. That’s a lot of birds and certainly offers a lot of inspiration for our bird coloring pages. 

Birds are the most widespread animal around the world. 

Some birds are small, like the hummingbird. 

The Sword-Billed Hummingbird has a bill longer than its body. It is the only bird to have this characteristic. 

Some are large such as the ostrich. Ostrich eggs are the largest in the world, measuring 7″ x 5″ and weighing 3 pounds. 

Birds are related to dinosaurs! They evolved from the meat-eating dinosaur species – therapods. Did you know this is the same group as the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex? It’s true, but birds evolved from small therapods, not large ones like the T-Rex. 

Bird bones are hollow on the inside. This makes their bones very light which aids in flight because they are lightweight. 

Bird lungs are complex. They are more complicated and efficient than human lungs. Human lungs are about 1/20th of our bodies, whereas a bird’s lung takes up 1/5th of its body. 

Some birds sleep with one eye open! Ducks, for example, sleep with one eye open to safeguard against predators. Half of their brain sleeps while the other half stays awake, a process called the single-brain sleeping pattern.

When sleeping in a group, the ducks sleeping on the outer edge of the flock will sleep with one eye open to alert the group if any predators threaten their well-being!  

Birds communicate with color and sound! Yes, the most obvious communication birds use are their chirps, squeaks, and whistles. However, they also communicate with color and sound. For example, some birds will beat their wings to establish their territory or during courtship rituals.

Setting the Bird Coloring Theme!

During art activities, we often will try to create an ambiance to set the theme. While working on these bird coloring pages with the kiddos we often put on videos in the background that gently play through the sounds of many different kinds of birds. It’s a lovely way to set the tone, spark imagination, and pique curiosity in different birds.


If you want to continue to build knowledge on birds we have used this video in the past which is short and sweet for kids to help grow their knowledge of these beautiful creatures.


More Than Just Free Printable Bird Coloring Pages! 

Let your mind take flight with these bird coloring pages! We hope the facts and cute bird coloring pages are thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. 

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