10 Free American Flag Coloring Pages

Looking for American Flag Coloring Pages? You’re in the right place because we have the top 10 American flag coloring pages and sheets available for free. The iconic American Flag is recognized all across the world for good reason! Here, we celebrate the greatness of America with some fun, friendly, and totally free printable us flag coloring pages! 

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What are you waiting for?! Go on and check out these super cool and fun coloring sheets!

How to Print Little Sprout Art & Learning Lab’s Free American Flag Coloring Pages

Printing our free American flag coloring pages is super simple!

  1. Click the coloring page that interests you
  2. On the next page, click the orange “Print” button. A PDF printable file will pop up
  3. All printables are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 Letter Sized Paper 
  4. Celebrate in excitement, get pumped, and start coloring! 

Facts to Share While Using our American Flag Coloring Pages

While you, your children, and students are busy coloring our free coloring sheets, we always think it’s a great time to share facts and information about the topic. Of course, here the topic is the American Flag! Let’s break into ten super cool facts about the American Flag that will help you enhance your time learning and coloring.

  1. There have been 27 versions of the American Flag.
  2. The current American Flag is the only design that has lasted more than 50 years. 
  3. President Eisenhower by way of Executive Order dated August 21, 1959, provided the arrangement of the stars in seven rows of seven stars each staggered horizontally and vertically. 
  4. In 1969, the American Flag was “flown” into space during the Apollo Program when Neil Armstrong placed it on the moon.
  5. There are 6 United States flags on the moon.
  6. The American Flag is usually displayed from sunrise to sunset. 
  7. Red represents valor, white represents liberty and purity, and blue represents justice and loyalty. 
  8. George Washington’s seamstress, Betsy Ross, made the first American Flag.
  9. According to the United States code, you should never let the flag touch the ground or water.
  10. The United States flag is celebrated on June 14 each year. 

Why Choose Little Sprout’s American Coloring Pages? 

We have carefully designed these coloring pages to be a mix of simple to challenging coloring sheets so you can choose based on the skills of your artists. It’s important to us at Little Sprout & Learning Lab that we are inclusive of artists of all ages and skill levels! 

With our USA Flag coloring sheets we want your children and students to have a positive learning and art experience so they grow in their love of learning. 

Our goal is to always provide the best coloring pages available to you for free to use at home or in the classroom. We develop these for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents alike because, at the end of the day, we are all working hard to raise future leaders of tomorrow! 

Have fun. Enjoy your time spent making art! 

American Flag Coloring Pages and More! 

Yes, we have plenty of free American Flag Coloring Pages, and we hope you’ve printed each and every one for enjoyment at home or school. Nevertheless, that’s not all we have! Check out other free coloring pages, and feel free to use these for your learning and art experiences! 


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