About Us

About Us Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab: It is an ever-growing education resource website for Kindergarten to Grade 7’s. We are committed to creating the best STEAM worksheet collection for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers.

Little Sprout Art

How it started –

This came about because of our experiences in the last few years. You see, during the pandemic like many families we needed to homeschool our children…

Inspired by our Little Sprout’s Art

We were supported by our school and by no means left to be on our own, but during this time we were playing the roles of full time teacher, mentor, and parents to our children.

It wasn’t easy on anyone, but we did what we needed to do and all worked hard to love, care, and show immense patience with each other

Finding ways to give the kids the best experience during a difficult time was our priority,

Why Steam Worksheets

While homeschooling, it was challenging at times to get the kids to be motivated and engaged in their schoolwork so we started to put our own spin into some of the worksheets to make them more engaging and soon the results started to improve! Less fights, distractions and resistance – more motivation, engagement, and effort. We loved seeing the brightness in our kids as they completed their schoolwork. They felt accomplished and the sense of pride showed. Little Sprout Art + Learning Lab was born!

We loved it and wanted to share it with others. Our family has always had a passion for working with children and  has spent many years working with youth in a variety of roles. It only seemed natural for us to share this with others.

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